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Why Recycling Old Web Pages Will Help Your SEO in 2018

seo web page recycling aka redirecting

If 2018 is the year you intend to launch your new website just take a moment to read on. Please make sure  your old website pages (that have probably faithfully served you for many years) are correctly recycled and redirected

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Google’s May 2016 Mobile Search Engine Results – Algorithm Update

mobile friendly android robot exercising with weights

Google’s Webmaster Blog announced on 16th March 2016 that it’s mobile search engine rankings will be further influenced by whether a website page is mobile friendly. Read the article “Continuing to make the web more mobile friendly” The forthcoming May

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Google’s Mobile Search Ranking Announcement

Google Mobile Friendly Test Page

Google, the undisputed No:1 UK internet search engine provider announced that as from 21st April 2015 it’s mobile search engine rankings (that is how high up any particular website page will appear in its Mobile search results against certain keyword

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