Google’s May 2016 Mobile Search Engine Results – Algorithm Update


Google’s Webmaster Blog announced on 16th March 2016 that it’s mobile search engine rankings will be further influenced by whether a website page is mobile friendly. Read the article “Continuing to make the web more mobile friendly”

The forthcoming May 2016 Google algorithm update follows on from the first mobile friendly algorithm announcement 21st April 2015 

So is this Google exercising it’s muscles to persuade the many non mobile friendly sites to deliver a good mobile consumer experience?

Yes of course…….discounting pay per click ads, Google likes to deliver the right search engine results based on appropriately good content and the consumers location.

Google knows the rough percentage of users that use smartphones etc and so further wishes to reflect that within the rank it allocates to individual website pages.

Remember that mobile search engine results differ from those carried out on a laptop/desktop.

Also remember that website pages rank in Google/Bing not websites. So if nothing else, it’s crucial to have mobile friendly versions of your top pages. Better still is to have a single responsive website design so all your website pages score mobile friendly.

At the end of the day however, content is still king so if your website has great unique, informative content the mobile friendly factor will have a much lesser effect.

If your content is just average, be warned that your pages may slip page rank to one of your competitors who has taken the option to go mobile friendly seriously.

Bing and Google both provide a test page see if your website is mobile friendly . Follow these links:

Bing Mobile Friendliness Test    and   Google Mobile Friendly Test

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