Google’s Mobile Search Ranking Announcement

Is your website mobile friendly

Google, the undisputed No:1 UK internet search engine provider announced that as from 21st April 2015 it’s mobile search engine rankings (that is how high up any particular website page will appear in its Mobile search results against certain keyword search words/ phrases) will also be influenced by whether or not a website page is mobile friendly.

A website that isn’t mobile friendly may not be attractive to the ever growing percentage of folk who use smartphones to access search engine queries and websites alike

Google Chrome for Android/Iphone now indicates if a website listed in its search engine results is “Mobile Friendly”. Whilst established search engine rankings won’t be lost overnight they could well be negatively effected (depending on the competition) so it appears somewhat advantageous to serve up a mobile friendly website page to users of smartphones even if it necessitates having seperate desktop and mobile websites.

To see if your website pages are Mobile Friendly check out Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

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