We arrange affordable no nonsense website hosting for our clients using our own in house service or by setting up clients directly with larger reputable UK hosting companies at cost price*.

£48 per annum (inc VAT) will get you fast reliable hosting and 5GB of server space to host your website and email. All hosting is easily expandable with the appropriate payment and has the option to put a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to give a secure https connection.

The choice of hosting provider depends on many factors including your budget plus the anticipated current and potential future requirements. All hosting allows domain email to be run on the same server space within the same space limits. As moving email hosts isn’t something you want to be doing if you can avoid it,  it’s really important to get your hosting right from the start.

Not all hosting is the same!

When shopping for hosting on the internet you will encounter two types of hosting providers. Direct hosting providers and resellers.  Resellers are middlemen who buy space from a direct hosting provider and sell it branded as their own hosting.  Resellers can offer fantastic value that you simply can’t get direct elsewhere but this isn’t always the case. Also the performance of the website  (loading speed etc.) can be slower.  The best choice will depend on your exact needs and budget.

If you need advice regarding what sort of hosting would be good for your business please do get in touch.

*Only when we are doing other design or update work, where we bill the cost as a disbursement.

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