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Here are some of the most common questions and answers relating to websites;

  • Question 1: I am only a small business so would a website benefit me?

         Yes.  A business website that contains good content ( i.e it details exactly what services /products you offer and goes further to provide useful extra information) is certainly an asset for your business as it allows customers to literally connect with you!  Read my article “Why you need a website!”


  • Question 2: After you have designed a website , can I add my own content or do I have to keep paying you?

        Once your website is designed and built on WordPress it will be easy for you to add/change content at a later date without my involvement. I will run through the basics of WordPress for you when the design is completed. Adding/changing content is very easy!


  • Question 3: I have a website that I can only change or update via FTP . Can it be converted into a modern content management website?

         Yes that’s no problem. 


  • Question:4:  Our current Content Management System is very hard going. We have heard that WordPress is more user friendly for small businesses. Can our website be converted to this ?

         Again, yes it certainly can be. WordPress is by far the most popular CMS in the world and is very user friendly.    


  • Question 5: The person who did our website has gone out of business and we haven’t got a clue what we need to do-  Help! Do you offer free, unbiased website advice?

Yes indeed..just give me a call to discuss your issues (or email me) and I will explain the options available and suggest the best solutions for you- not my bank account. I take pride in offering good advice and service.


  • Question 6: Does a website that costs £1000’s always perform better on Google than one that costs only £100’s?  

           No- the cost of the website (or indeed how fabulous it looks to the human eye) isn’t a factor Google takes into account! The important factors that Google, Bing and Yahoo take into account are detailed on the search engine optimisation page of this website.

  • Question 7: Does a highly competitive price equate to providing a poor service?   

           Certainly not!  Our clients get a great service at a very reasonable price. We are cheaper than most of our competitors because we are a one man and his dog business, (hence the “We” with low overheads, no staff, no premises and no company vehicles.  Furthermore as a small business we currently don’t need to add VAT (a further 20% ) as our taxable turnover is below the £85,000 p.a VAT threshold.

Your Question?

If your question is not covered here please email me and I will reply as soon as possible.

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