Smartphones Rule The UK


It’s official !- In their report published today, Ofcom have confirmed that the use of smartphones has overtaken the likes of the laptop and the once mighty desktop as the prefered device for surfing the internet. They also report that 66% of the adult population have a smartphone and on average use it for nearly 2 hours a day!

Ofcom also reports that 4G data plan subscriptions account for 28% of data plans in the UK and that text messaging is on the decline following the meteoric rise of messaging on smartphone apps like Whatsapp and Facebook etc.Read the Ofcom Report here

So What Does This All Mean ?

It means businesses and organisations need to make sure that their consumers (target audience) can readily access and use the website on their smartphones.

The rule of thumb (excuse the pun) is that the average smartphone user should be able to navigate round your website one handed, just using their thumbs to click on menus, links etc.

With Google estimating that a circa 25% of all search engine enquires are being done by mobile device, the reality is that no business that wants more internet sourced business can afford to have a website that isn’t both smartphone friendly and which performs well on both wifi and 3G/4G data.

If your website isn’t mobile/smartphone friendly it’s time to Contact NG24WEB

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