Why All Businesses Need A Website!

So you don’t have a website and have run a business for years without one. Can’t see the point eh?

Let me explain why websites matter.  Firstly, whilst there is nothing terribly terribly wrong with not having a website…..I think every business, large and small needs to get into the 21st Century if they want to make the most of their potential!

Secondly there is no denying many small businesses thrive on word of mouth recommendations,  other advertising media ,passing footfall to obtain custom so why would they need a website?

Missing out on good business.

A business might well have a steady stream of customers and be busy most of the time but could they do even better if more consumers could connect with them, their brand,  their services and products? Not everyone uses Facebook or reads flyers or checks out a directory.

The Modern Generation.

Call me biased if you wish but I feel that the modern generation, raised up in the internet age and other techno savvy folk might just like to know more than a little bit about the business or organisation before picking up the phone or walking through the door.

Google & Social Media.

The days when consumers picked up a certain yellow directory, used the BT phone book directory are fast heading the same way as the dinosaurs. Today’s consumers demand more and readily reach for their phones to research absolutely everything via a search on Google , Bing or social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin . Read about why smartphones rule the uk.

A business website linked up to an active social media account can sell you and your business to a local, regional, countrywide or a worldwide audience. It provides a powerful way of promoting your business and gaining reputation + credibility.

24/7 Digital & Traditional Marketing

For businesses, organisations, clubs websites provide permanent 24/7 , 365 days a year online digital marketing.  Websites are an extremely affordable and flexible marketing tool that should form part of any marketing strategy.  

A website address featured on letterheads, van, newspaper/radio/tv advert, shop window, site board, flyers etc can allow potential customers a very easy and straight forward way to check out what you have to offer.

Whether buying online, looking for a local tradesman, searching for a health club, a counsellor,  a local shop that sells widgets  more and more businesses and end consumers source products and services via the internet.  This will be done by either going direct to a website or more commonly via the use of keyword search phrase in Google , Bing etc. Alternatively a shared/ liked post on Facebook or Twitter might turn your your attention to contact a business.

No website means missing a fantastic digital marketing opportunity.

Nice IP !

……and finally on my ramblings…a reminder that a website and domain (i.e the “ng24web.co.uk” bit) is also a very nice piece of intellectual property (IP) that might depending on what you do with it add value to the worth of your business, should you in years to come decide to up sticks and sell out.

So if there is no World Wide Web (WWW) featuring in your business, think again. The world wide web started in the public domain in 1991, so 28 years on you really should be on board. If you’d like to come on board and get your first website and get your digital marketing campaign started please contact me.

PS…don’t forget websites are also useful in promoting personal interests, hobbies and charitable activities too!

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