Why Recycling Old Web Pages Will Help Your SEO in 2019


If 2019 is the year you intend to launch your new website just take a moment to read on. Please make sure  your old website pages (that have probably faithfully served you for many years) are correctly recycled and redirected to their new replacements.  Why I hear you ask? Well in non technical terms it’s all to do with keeping and possibly improving your website’s ranking and visibility on Google & Bing, commonly referred to in the industry as SEO.

As someone who passionately believes in green activity like recycling glass, plastics, metal, cardboard, paper and garden stuff, it really should come as no surprise that I hate old website pages, indeed whole websites being binned on mass and being replaced by a blank screen or a “404 error” page saying “sorry that page no longer exists”.

Links to old websites and their pages are everywhere on the web -reviews, articles, directories etc. It’s always best therefore to try to redirect an old page to a new equivalent page showing the same or similar content. If there is no new equivalent website page always ask yourself why has that content gone?

Never remove informative content or dump an old website, which would have gained valuable Google ranking else your website’s ranking will suffer needlessly. It may come as a surprise that people actually pay over the odds for old website domains with good Google “domain authority”.

If your old “about.html” page goes straight to a 404 error page or goes nowhere because the domain has expired you’re pouring down the drain all that lovely search engine ranking juice the old page has accumulated in it’s lifetime.

The correct approach is to redirect the old “about.html” page to the new “about” page using what is known as a “301 redirect”.  If you had a website domain for many many years and decide to change to a new domain keep the old domain and maintain the redirection of web pages from the old domain to the new domain.

Even if you binned a website page months or years ago it might still be possible to do the right thing and get them recycled! Redirection is just one method of getting and keeping your website visible on Google. Read more about  search engine optimisation services.

Happy New Year!

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